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21 Aug: Geelong Rental Market Update August 2019
The median rent in for two bedroom units remains unchanged at $320 per week while the median rent for 2 bedroom houses has risen slightly to a new high of $328 per week. And, for the second consecutive month, the same measure for 3 bedroom houses is $370 per week.
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26 Jul: Geelong Rental Market Update July 2019
There is a slight increase the region’s vacancy rate up .1 of a percent to 1.7%. And the recent increases in median rents for 2 bedroom apartments has eased and now remains at $320 per week which is the same steady figure for 2 bedroom houses. 3 bedroom houses, however, have actually increased to a new high of $370 per week which is $10 more than the previous 6 months.
Geelong Rental Market Update
19 Jun: Geelong Rental Market Update June 2019
The median rent for 2 bedroom houses remains at $320 per week while the median rent for 3 bedroom houses also remains steady at $360 per week. The median weekly rental for 2 bedroom units, however, has risen again with another $5 added to a new high of $320 per week.