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29 Oct: Geelong Rental Market Update October 2020
This month’s data shows more good news for Geelong but unfortunately the same can’t be said about Melbourne. The Inner Melbourne vacancy rate has now jumped to 5.3% with the Melbourne total rate also higher at 4.3%.
27 Aug: Geelong Rental Market Update August 2020
This month, Geelong’s rental data is looking fantastic! And when you compare it to Melbourne’s data, it’s almost unbelievable. For example, Geelong’s rental vacancy rate is now back to 2.2% - the same rate we had pre-COVID, but Melbourne’s vacancy is sitting at a new high of 3.2% and inner Melbourne is at a huge 4%. Overall, Victoria’s total vacancy rate is 2.9%.
28 Jul: Geelong Rental Market Update July 2020
Our region’s rental prices are again healthy and stable. 2 bedroom houses and units are sitting at the same median rent as last month whilst 3 bedroom houses have increased by $3 and now sit at $383 per week.
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30 Jun: Geelong Rental Market Update June 2020
This is the reporting month that we thought we would see the biggest impacts of COVID, however, the REIV data shows that Geelong’s rental market is stable. In fact, if you look at the numbers alone, you can’t really see a problem at all.
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22 May: Geelong Rental Market Update May 2020
April 2020 is month many of us would rather forget and it seems that the REIV was also feeling the pressure because their data was not released until the very end of the month. The REIV data, however, is now back to normal so let’s get into it!
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23 Jan: Geelong Rental Market Update January 2020
According to the latest REIV figures, the backward step for 2 bedroom apartments last month has corrected and returned to its high of $330 per week as a median rent across Geelong. And it’s the same story for 2 bedroom houses also returning to their high of $325 per week.
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28 Oct: Geelong Rental Market Update October 2019
Our local rental market is also awesome even though the figures are largely unchanged since last month. The only difference in September’s REIV data is that the median rent for two bedroom houses has risen $3 to $323 per week.
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23 Sep: Geelong Rental Market Update September 2019
Two bedroom units remain at median rental price of $320 per week and the August data also shows that two bedroom houses have corrected and come down $8 per week back to the usual median of $320 per week. Three bedroom houses, however, remain strong with the median being $370 per week for the third consecutive month.
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21 Aug: Geelong Rental Market Update August 2019
The median rent in for two bedroom units remains unchanged at $320 per week while the median rent for 2 bedroom houses has risen slightly to a new high of $328 per week. And, for the second consecutive month, the same measure for 3 bedroom houses is $370 per week.
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26 Jul: Geelong Rental Market Update July 2019
There is a slight increase the region’s vacancy rate up .1 of a percent to 1.7%. And the recent increases in median rents for 2 bedroom apartments has eased and now remains at $320 per week which is the same steady figure for 2 bedroom houses. 3 bedroom houses, however, have actually increased to a new high of $370 per week which is $10 more than the previous 6 months.
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19 Jun: Geelong Rental Market Update June 2019
The median rent for 2 bedroom houses remains at $320 per week while the median rent for 3 bedroom houses also remains steady at $360 per week. The median weekly rental for 2 bedroom units, however, has risen again with another $5 added to a new high of $320 per week.