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Rental savings
30 Mar: Rental Property Savings with Power
Electricity is one of the most significant expenses for most households. Every day, we rely on electricity to power our homes, from turning on the lights to running appliances like the refrigerator, washing machine, and air conditioner.
02 Sep: Geelong Rental Market Update August 2021
Geelong’s vacancy rate was steady this month remaining at 1.5% in August whereas Melbourne’s rate is continuing its downward trend where the Inner Total measure is now 7.1%. The Melbourne Total rate is also lower at 5.8%
30 Jul: Geelong Rental Market Update July 2021
Last month we reported a rise in Geelong’s vacancy rate and a decline in Melbourne’s rate. We mentioned that this may be a sign of a correction and with this month’s data showing the same, we are once again believing this is an adjustment toward the old normal.
Sophie Kennedy-Rush
26 Mar: Geelong Rental Market Update March 2021
For the 11th month in a row, we have seen Geelong’s vacancy rate fall. This month, it is sitting at only 1.1% which is great news for Geelong landlords but once again it is a completely different story in Melbourne.
29 Jan: Geelong Rental Market Update January 2021
This month’s data brings a big Happy New Year to Geelong’s rental market with a continued downward trend on the vacancy rate. It’s fallen another .1 of a percent to 1.3% and that’s amazing given that only 12 months ago, it was steady at 2.2%.
23 Dec: Geelong Rental Market Update December 2020
This month, data from the REIV is continuing to show the downward-trend of Geelong’s incredible vacancy rate with November’s data showing that it is now only 1.4% across the region. And just like recent months, the upward-trend continues for Melbourne’s vacancy rate with inner Melbourne at a staggering 6.4%.