Geelong Property Managers
Geelong Property Managers

Geelong Property Managers – we’re different

gpm. is a specialist property management-only real estate agency in Geelong. With our industry-leading experience managing rental properties, you will love the Geelong Property Managers difference.

Real estate is easy

With experience, a great setup and job satisfaction, we love what we do.

We are property managers because we love managing properties. Simple really. Our jobs can still be challenging and even difficult at times, but we are here to solve problems, help people any way we can and look after our landlord’s assets. And when you love what you do, real estate is easy.

Geelong Property Managers
Geelong Property Managers

Rewarding landlording

Owning an investment property is set-and-forget with the right property management.

An investment property is often the second-largest asset a landlord owns. We know these assets need maximum rental returns, great tenants and exceptional service from us and our partnered tradespeople. We also know landlords want quick and concise communication. That’s great because this is how we operate.

Geelong Property Managers

Client Education

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

Being a landlord or tenant does require some knowledge about the rental game and we are here to help. We know the industry, we know the relevant law and we also know people who can give you specialist advice when we can’t. We also love to educate our clients so please ask us anything.

Geelong Property Managers
Geelong Property Managers

Service is core business

Client happiness is how we measure our own performance.

In a service industry, it’s all about happy clients. Having happy clients is a continuing business goal for us because happy clients make our job easier and more enjoyable as well as helping our business grow with word-of-mouth referral and repeat business.

Geelong Property Managers
“Geelong Property Managers”
Our name says it all. We are a specialist property management-only real estate agency in Geelong.

WHO are we?

We’re just like you!

We have spent many years renting, we are landlords and we are self-managed-super-fund investors. We’re also really good property managers.

Our services

As professional and experienced real estate agents, we offer a wide range of services related to renting your investment property.

Property Management

Geelong PM can manage your rental property end-to-end in a set and forget manner. Give us the keys and we can take care of everything else.

Property Leasing

Great tenants secured quickly – that’s our goal. We know that empty properties cost their owners money so rapid leasing is important to us too.

Photography & Marketing

We always offer professional photos and 3D tours so checkout our current listings to see what we can do to present your property at its best.


We have many years of industry experience so please feel free to ask us anything that can help you with any and all real estate questions.

Property Sales

Our real estate sales partners can sell your property. We can also recommend agencies in most parts of Australia so before you sell, ask if we can help.

Real Estate Training

With our experience and reputation, we actually train other property managers all across Victoria and Tasmania under our training business, Mitchell PT.

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For Lease

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Our People – Your Team

Our phone number is 03 5277 1125

Our address is 27 Melbourne Road, Drumcondra VIC 3215

Hayley Mitchell
0499 018 763
Tiffany Andrew
Tiffany Andrew
Property Manager
0468 884 056
Karen Wright
Property Management Assistant
03 5277 1125
Michelle Szalinski
Reception & Admin
03 5277 1125
Warren Rapson
Marketing & Operations Manager
03 5277 1125
Mitchell Property Training
Joel Richardson
(MitchellPT Client)

Hayley is an amazing trainer and goes over everything in so much detail. Very informative and well worth coming to Hayley’s session.

Mitchell Property
Louis van Coppenhagen
(Mitchell Property Client)

I can proudly say I’m happy to refer my family, friends and clients for your property management services.

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