Sophie Kennedy-Rush


23 Dec: Geelong Rental Market Update December 2020

This month, data from the REIV is continuing to show the downward-trend of Geelong’s incredible vacancy rate with November’s data showing that it is now only 1.4% across the region. And just like recent months, the upward-trend continues for Melbourne’s vacancy rate with inner Melbourne at a staggering 6.4%.

27 Aug: Geelong Rental Market Update August 2020

This month, Geelong’s rental data is looking fantastic! And when you compare it to Melbourne’s data, it’s almost unbelievable. For example, Geelong’s rental vacancy rate is now back to 2.2% - the same rate we had pre-COVID, but Melbourne’s vacancy is sitting at a new high of 3.2% and inner Melbourne is at a huge 4%. Overall, Victoria’s total vacancy rate is 2.9%.